• Shakina Cooley

Back Door Lovin’

I know, I know. Anal sex still a bit of a taboo topic, I know there are still folk who feel some type of way talking about it let alone trying to do it. My hope though, is that if you’re in that category I can shed some light on things that can make anal sex less of a taboo thing for you. So… let’s get right to it! Some things to consider are that anal sex

•Doesn’t have to be painful. Yep! You heard that right, there are ways to do it where there is absolutely NO pain involved

•CAN actually be really pleasurable. Believe it or not, the anus is JAM PACKED with a TON of pleasure nerve endings •Can be a useful way to spice things up. You don’t have to jump right into it, you can start slow by exploring with a finger or anal beads.

•Men actually have an area similar to what’s called the G-Spot for women. It is said to be about two inches inside the rectum and like the G-Spot is said to offer EXTREME pleasure.

•Doesn’t have to be messy (there ARE ways to be sure you’re clean WITHOUT anal douching which is actually harmful)

•Using the right lubricant and positioning can make all the difference in the world

These are just a few things to note about anal sex. Although still considered taboo by some, it can still be a fun and effective way to experience pleasure if you’ve got the tools to do it right!

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