• Shakina Cooley

But… Ain’t She A Woman?


People, people, people. We’ve come so far yet still have oh, so far to go. Today, an article was shared with me. An article that quite frankly disturbed me. The article was about Insecure star, Yvonne Orji, her decision to remain a virgin until marriage, and the negative responses from people who are against HER decision. I mean, seriously, people?!? What is wrong with you?!? She has made a decision about HER life that SHE feels is best for HER. How is that bothering you? We (women) have been fighting for our rights to just BE who we are. If we choose NOT to have sex, we’re prudes. If we choose TO have sex and exceed the “acceptable” amount of partners which varies from person to person, we’re sluts. We have no kids, something’s wrong with us. Have “too many” kids which also varies from person to person, she’s too “loose”. At the end of the day, women just want to… Be. Let us live. No one controls what WE do with our bodies but US and unless what we are doing with OUR bodies directly affects you, you should keep your “two cents” to yourself. Your opinion is both irrelevant and annoying in this matter. No one cares to hear YOUR thoughts on the decisions a woman makes about HER body. It’s ludicrous to think that this is still an issue in this day and time where so many women are CEO’s, entrepreneurs, Presidential candidates, and so much more. When will it be okay for a woman to live her life just as she wants without criticism from others? When will we stop being judged by what we choose to or choose NOT to do with our own bodies?  There’s a whole moment in hopes of ending “slut shaming”, perhaps there should also be a moment against “virgin shaming”? Regardless, ladies, your body is just that YOURS. Live your life for you, making the best decision you can for YOU. Don’t let ANYONE “shame” you for ANYTHING.

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