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Communication Is Lubrication

So… if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard me say that “communication is lubrication” a time or two. I first heard this phrase while listening to Sex With Emily, a long running podcast by Emily Morse, a sex therapist, author and media personality. The phrase spoke to me for so many different reasons. The main reason is that too many of us, women, don’t speak up about what it is that we want sexually. Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation to help you get the satisfaction you need. Sometimes though, you need to communicate your feelings on whatever it is that’s bothering you OUTSIDE of the bedroom to make things better INSIDE the bedroom. Open lines of communication to every area of your relationship including sex. Also, a little “dirty talk” and/or direction during sex can make a huge difference. Talk about what you want to try, talk about what you like and dislike, tell your partner that you like how they’re making you feel while they’re doing it. If you feel you need help in getting your point across or don’t know how or where to begin, seek out help. I’d be more than willing to coach you through it!

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