• Shakina Cooley

D*ck Pics and Chick Flicks

Since I talked to the guys and let it be known that unsolicited d*ck pics are NOT the way to go in order to win a lady’s heart, I thought I might give a little insight into exactly why that is. You know how they say “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”? Yeah. That same concept applies here. You see, women are emotional creatures, they need to be emotionally and/or mentally stimulated BEFORE they are sexually aroused. Unsolicited d*ck pics in the beginning stages of a relationship result in women being instantly turned off/feeling disrespected. On the other hand, if a woman sends unsolicited nudes to a man in the early stages of a relationship, he’s instantly turned on and ready to go. Men are more visual creatures so sending unsolicited pictures is a huge compliment to them. Our brains are just wired differently and it’s very important that we recognize that in order to create more successful relationships. Guys, try to have meaningful conversations with ladies, try to gauge where her head’s at BEFORE sharing the nudes. Ladies, remember that guys’ brains aren’t wired like ours, so they are just more drawn to the physical. There are exceptions to every rule so of course not ALL men are after sex only, not ALL women are emotionally driven. As with all things, communication is key. Talk it out, be honest about what it is that you want, and all else will fall in place.

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