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Dating Pet Peeves


I recently did a live video on Facebook where I listed just a couple of my dating pet peeves. If you follow my blog you know that I’ve also previously vented my frustration with dating as a whole. Just in case there are any ladies reading this who can relate to what I said in my video but do know have the words to express these concerns to those pursuing them romantically, have no fear, She She is here! My dating pet peeves, in no particular order, are as follows. And please leave a comment with any that I may have forgotten.

1. Inconsistency- This one reeeally gets under my skin and I’m sure the ladies can feel me. In my case, I don’t just go around giving my number out all willy nilly so if you get the digits I must’ve felt you were worth taking a chance on. Unfortunately, so far this hasn’t been the case. Most guys work hard to get your number, a date or whatever then they drop the ball.

2. Arrogance- As I stated before, there’s a difference between confidence and being cocky/arrogant. Acting like you’re God’s gift to women and I’m lucky you’re even talking to me will get you absolutely no where with me.

3. Taking The Conversation To Sex Too Quickly- I’ve said this one time and time again. In most cases, women need time to “warm up”, we aren’t going in thinking about having sex with you. We’re emotional beings, give us a chance to get to know you first! Dang! Remember this saying, guys, “women are like ovens, men are like microwaves”.

4.  Bold Face Lying- For those of you who don’t know what this means, in a nutshell, it means telling lies that can easily be proven to be lies. An example would be a guy sliding in your dm saying he’s single just for you to go to his profile and see him all decked out in a tux in wedding pictures with a woman who is clearly identified as his wife.

5. Feigning Interest- Don’t you just hate it when a guy approaches you and acts as if he’s sooo interested in you only to waste your time by either not calling or calling and not having genuine conversation with you? I mean, why bother? Or how about guys who message you on Facebook and ask you something that is visible on your page like whether or not you have kids when you clearly state how much you love your kids and have pictures of your kids all over your profile? Just small things like that. I’m saying, while I recognize that men and women think differently, I firmly believe that if you’re interested in someone you actually take the time to get to know things about them and in the case of approaching “blindly” on Facebook, it just makes me think you’re randomly messaging women hoping to get some. That’s just the honest truth.

Anyway, that’s my list, let me know if I missed any, ladies.

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