• Shakina Cooley

Every Woman Has A Breaking Point


Have you ever been in a situation where you told someone something that you probably should have kept to yourself as it relates to your relationship? Perhaps your man said something that was out of line. Or maybe he was out with another woman and a friend saw him and told you. Whatever the case, as soon as you talk to someone about the issue, whether it was brought up by you or them, the infamous line ensues. “Girl, if I was you…” Here’s why I absolutely loathe that statement. The first and most important point is, you are you which means I am me. So, as much as you’d like to tell me what you would do IF you were me, you’re not so, you can’t. Next, unwanted advice is just about as welcomed as a fly buzzing in your ear; no one likes it!  What I absolutely can not stand though, is to hear a woman who calls another woman stupid simply because she decides to stay in a relationship with a man who has done something SHE feels is a deal breaker. The truth is we’re all different so while a man cheating no matter if it’s one time or fifty may be a deal breaker for you, it may not be for her. At the same time, she may not feel she could accept a man calling her “his b!tch” while you feel it’s perfectly okay. My point is, no one can judge anyone. My deal breakers may be different than yours just as yours may be different from mine, but that doesn’t mean either of us is stupid. EVERY woman has a breaking point and it’s up to THAT woman to decide just what that is for herself.

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