• Shakina Cooley

Everybody’s Doing It


Talking with a friend yesterday, an interesting topic came up. We were talking about marriage and why marriages seem to fail at such a high rate nowadays. We talked about how it seems like it is easier now than ever before for people to cheat. You’re able to connect with so many different people through social media, apps, and just the internet in general. I would also like to add that (although this isn’t new) cheating is pretty much celebrated these days with popular songs being put out about it almost daily (many of you can’t help but “bust a move” when you hear My Sidepiece by Pokey). I could sit here and make a whole list of songs about cheating and being “on the side” that we all know and many of us love. It’s not just women celebrating being “side pieces” now either, remember Boyfriend #2? Anyway, I just wonder when people stopped honoring commitment. Why people get married and still live like they’re single. How did we become a generation of liars and cheaters. It would seem as if people no longer know HOW to remain faithful men and women of their word, although of course we all know that is not the truth. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to believe that one could actually meet an individual who actually IS capable of being truthful as well as faithful whether in a relationship OR marriage. Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

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