• Shakina Cooley

Girl, Who Told You That Was Nasty?

“Jacking off”. “Beating your meat”. “Wanking”. These are all phrases used, and there are PLENTY more, to talk about male masturbation. How many phrases can you think of when talking about female masturbation? The answer is probably “not very many” IF you can think of any at all. That’s because while masturbation is healthy and normal for everyone, it seems to only be really socially acceptable for those who are penis owners. Many women have been taught that masturbation is nasty and just NOT something to do. As a result, we grow up feeling ashamed of self pleasure. Truthfully, many of us carry so much shame around it that we couldn’t even begin to tell you what our vagina looks or feels like. Let me be the one to tell you that self pleasure is healthy, normal, can be a great self love practice and is NOTHING to be ashamed of. I also want to share with you that there ARE actually benefits to female masturbation…

•It’s definitely a safer sex practice, you have no need to worry about contracting STI’s or unwanted pregnancies

•It can help you sleep better

•It can relieve menstrual cramps •It can help boost your mood

•It helps to relieve stress and tension •It allows you to explore your own body and what feels good to you helping you to be more comfortable and confident in your sex life and overall

Let no one make you feel ashamed for loving YOU. You NEED to know your own body. Take a mirror and look at YOUR vagina. Do what it takes to learn what your body looks like, what feels good to you, how you like to be touched. Take the time to learn YOU. You deserve it

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