• Shakina Cooley

Going Down Right!

Alright alright alriiiight! Let’s talk about it. So… we allll know how much most men love oral sex and I know there are ladies who love it just as much if not more. My aim here is to give good info on the subject, specifically fellatio in this post. I wrote a post on Instagram about the components of great head and I thought I would share them here as well because well, why not? Sometimes you need to see and hear things more than one to really “get” them. Don’t worry ladies, I’ll also be sharing tips for good cunnilingus. I got y’all! But… for now, here goes. Good components of great head are; •Moisture- Lots and lots of moisture. The wetter the better. You’ll want to use as much saliva as possible

•Touch-There are some VERY sensitive areas surrounding the balls. Pay them some attention too… don’t forget the balls!

•Enthusiasm-are you showing him how much you really WANT to do it?? Do you tell him you WANT to do it? Are you present and in the moment?

Sight and sound-Okay, this is NOT the time to be quiet. Make some noise. Let him know you’re having fun, that you’re truly enjoying what you’re doing. Get some good audio/visual effects going on!

An added bonus to this is that oral sex IS actually considered a safer sex practice. Have some fun and practice safer sex! Follow these tips and remember this badass quote from THEE Dr. Rachael Ross “Great sex will get your car note paid, but amazing head will get you a house!”

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