• Shakina Cooley

Grown Woman Ish


You know, I think we all have our own definition of what “grown” means. Maybe you think it means having your own house and car. Maybe to you it’s paying your own bills. Maybe it’s behaving in a certain way. I believe it is all of these things, but I also believe it is FULLY accepting yourself and all that comes along with you. Your flaws, your mistakes, your imperfections, every. Single. Thing. Now this is definitely no easy feat, but it is so, so important. Transparent moment here; I’ve struggled with loving my body for years and I still have my days. It has become increasingly hard to love my body after having two kids and constantly seeing reminders all around me that I don’t have a “perfect” body. I have a few extra rolls and curves and stretch marks. But so the hell what? What does that mean? Does that mean I’m less valuable? Less sexy? Less… desirable? I certainly don’t think so. So, I have decided that I am going to say to hell with “them” and what “they” have to say. Truth is, none of us is perfect and NONE of us has a perfect body. Each and every human being on this planet has SOMETHING they are insecure about. Don’t believe the hype. Even those viewed as extremely beautiful or desirable have insecurities. We all have flaws and “imperfections”, but I say embrace them because they are what make you you. CONFIDENCE is the sexiest thing you could EVER wear. You should give it a try. Look at that thing you’re most insecure about and tell it you love it. Practice this daily. Fake it until you make it because if you don’t love you, ALL of you. I mean, TRULY love you, how the hell do you expect anyone else to? Get on your grown woman/man and start showing love to yourself!

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