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He’s Outta My League

I think we’ve all had the experience of seeing/meeting a guy who was so fine he made our mouth water or so poetic his words made love to our minds or so sweet he gave you a toothache or whatever it is that turns you on. You see/meet this guy and he is EVERYTHING and then some, BUT you hear this little voice in your head saying “Yeah, right. He’d never go for a girl like me”. The very next time you have this thought, I want you to remember one thing; YOU are the prize! I know, I know, we all have our flaws. BUT that’s the beauty of it! We ALL have flaws which means although it may appear as so sometimes, not one person walking this earth is perfect! So, if you like a guy and you want to take a chance on speaking to him or telling him how you feel about him, go for it! All he can say is he’s interested or he isn’t, and whatever the outcome, it isn’t a reflection of you. Also, ladies please remember not every man is meant to be “the one” and that’s okay. If this guy isn’t interested, it doesn’t mean the next guy won’t be. Get out of your comfort zone! You might be surprised what you see out there! 😉

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