• Shakina Cooley

How To NOT Become Bitter When THEY Move On

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1. Realize it’s okay to feel the way you feel, BUT don’t stay there. You’re only human and it’s okay to feel sad or upset after a breakup. Whatever you need to do in order to deal with those feelings, do that. Cry, scream, break something (Nothing of theirs though, sorry. Going to jail for vandalism definitely wouldn’t be a good look. 😉) Just let it out and move on.

2. Focus on YOU. Be so busy getting busy bettering yourself that they aren’t on your mind anyway. Take a class, check out a new activity, join a new community group, etc.

3. Remember why you broke up with him/her in the first place. Regardless of how many things he/she is doing with/for the person he/she is with now that you that you tried and failed to get them to do with/for you, realize that everything happens for a reason. CHOOSE to let it make you better not bitter. Also, remember this very important thing, just because someone APPEARS happy, it doesn’t mean they actually are. It is very likely that he/she is the same jackass he/she was when he/she was with you, but for appearances sake…

4. Leave the past in the past. What’s coming is better than what’s been. BELIEVE that! Look towards the future and know that you will have the love/life that you desire. Sometimes loneliness has a way of making us think we actually need a person in our lives when the truth is, we just desire companionship and that doesn’t have to come from a romantic relationship or partner. Focus on loving you and creating a better future for you and let love find you… When the time is right.

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