• Shakina Cooley

I’m Going Down

Hey hey, y’all! So, okay. I know a lot of us talk about oral sex and many of us are doing it, but did you know there was a such thing as a oral sex gap? You see, it turns out that men are on the receiving in much more often than women. I know, that’s pretty shocking right? Anyway, I have a few ideas on why that might be. One major one being that we are hardwired to believe that we should put a man’s pleasure and satisfaction above our own. Often times we (women) get the short end of the stick when it comes to sex and pleasure in general and typically, we just take it stride. Studies suggest that one reason there’s such a huge gap though is that a lot of women aren’t comfortable in their own skin. We are super insecure about everything from the way we look to the way we feel to the way we smell. Honey, some of us won’t even look at let alone touch ourselves. Now, how do you think you’re going to find pleasure if you’re not even the least bit comfortable? So, ladies and gentlemen, we have some major work to do here. Yeah, it’s great that guys are getting to experience pleasure and they’re getting off more often than not, but ladies, we need to get some release too. Pleasure is our birthright! How can we fix this? I’m so incredibly glad you asked. Let’s start by taking charge of our own bodies, ladies. Let’s make it our business to get all up in OUR OWN business. Learn YOUR body. Take a mirror and look at it. Find the time to explore it, embrace it! It’s yours! Then men, if you haven’t already, pay attention the next time you have a sexual encounter, make sure you take the time to communicate with your partner. Was SHE satisfied? How does SHE feel about oral sex? Does she want more of it? Are YOU doing it right? Sex should be pleasurable for BOTH parties. Ladies want to be pleased too.

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