• Shakina Cooley

I’m Still Standing

Most women dream of their big day. The day they get to have their fairy tale wedding and officially become a part of the wives club. Society has us so conditioned to believe that we NEED a wedding, a marriage, a man in order to say that we have “made it” that many of us will accept just about anything so that we’re able to say we got a man to “put a ring on it”. Well, I’m here to tell you that unless you first seek validation and know that you’ve made it as long as you’re doing what GOD says you should, you haven’t won at all. A marriage void of God’s presence isn’t #relationshipgoals at all. Going through a divorce, I’m now learning, hindsight is 20/20, that I am whole alone. I don’t NEED a man to complete me. I don’t NEED a man to give me more status. A man isn’t the prize, I am! Do I think marriage is a beautiful thing? Yes, absolutely. Would I ever want to do it again? Yes, absolutely. However, the difference now is that I know that I don’t have to lose myself in order to make marriage happen. I don’t have to become a watered down version of myself in order to be what a true man of God needs. I said all this to say, ladies, if you are desiring to get married, make sure you know who you are in God first. Always remember that YOU are the prize and ALWAYS keep your standards high. Keep your eyes on God and pay attention to any and all red flags. God will give you desires of your heart if you seek him FIRST and trust in HIS timing.

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