• Shakina Cooley

If You Want Better Sex…

Let’s start this off with a reminder that good sex starts OUTSIDE of the bedroom, so if you want better sex, listen closely. One thing to know is that your brain is your biggest and most important sex organ. Why? Because EVERYTHING starts with the mind. What you think about sex, how you feel about sex, what you think makes sex great, your beliefs about sex… all in the mind. We talk A LOT about how foreplay is important for women, but the truth is men can actually benefit from foreplay and anticipation of sex too. So… here are a few tips of you’re looking for ways to make sex better with your partner

-Keep in mind that the anticipation of a reward can be more exciting than the reward so… build it up! Play, flirt, send sexts, tell him/her what you want to do to them later

-Help out around the house, with the kids, cook or pick up dinner *This one is usually a big one for men

-Do things together that bring you closer outside of the bedroom. Cook together, try a new activity together, go to visit a new place together, watch a movie together, etc. The closer/more connected you feel WITHOUT sex, the better the sexual experiences will be

-Be sure there’s plenty of touching, sucking, kissing to stay connected while making love.

-Make sex a whole experience from time to time. Set the mood. Light some candles, play some music, give each other a massage, whatever gets you guys relaxed and allows you to be in the moment

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