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Lick It Now, Lick It Good

If that title caught your attention, you are likely familiar with the song those lyrics came from, Khia-My Neck, My Back (if not, you should totally go give it a listen) and are well aware what this blog post will more than likely be about. As promised, I am here to talk a bit about pleasing ladies during oral sex, cunnilingus. I wrote a post about it on my Instagram page @shakinacooley, BUT hey! Why not share it again here. We all need a few reminders here and there. So, let me also be clear in sayings that everyone is different and the tips I’m leaving below are generalizations. You should definitely talk to your partner about her specific needs, but here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction;

•Women don’t like the labia minora (inner folds of lips) sucked. Yeah, that’s typically NOT the most pleasant feeling

•They want their partner’s breath to be fresh. Fresh breath may indicate less bacteria. It can be as simple as swishing around a little mouthwash before getting started

•Women like a variety of licking and sucking. Switch it up just a bit. Lick then suck, suck then lick, have fun figuring out what she likes

•Women like to feel “clean” while their partner is down there. And hear me good on this one, if she’s not feeling fresh and clean, it’s going to be extremely difficult for her to enjoy herself. So even if that means giving her a little time to shower or take a bath beforehand, do that. The more comfortable she is, the better the experience will be for both of you

•It’s a HUGE turn off if she thinks her partner is bored or isn’t enjoying it. Show her that you love what you’re doing. Be “in” the moment. Be all about her and what you’re doing while you’re doing it

•THE CLITORIS IS CENTRAL TO ORAL FULFILLMENT!! Learn where the clitoris is and get to work on finding out how she likes it stimulated. Keep in mind that the vast majority of women must have clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm so… I’d say that learning where it is and how your partner likes hers stimulated is pretty darn important. Wouldn’t you?

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