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Sex With A Monster?

It’s a tale as old as time. You meet a cute guy things are going well and then here comes the big talk about ALL the things he can do to you, how great he can make you feel in bed. You get all excited and give him a chance only to be disappointed. Ladies, can you relate? If so, share this post in hopes of guys actually getting a clue. Guys, here are a few pointers for you…

1. Don’t just come out the gate with d*ck pics. Whether you know it or not, they aren’t all that cute nor do we desire to see them from someone we do NOT know

2. If you don’t know what a clitoris (clit) is, do us a favor, pick up a female anatomy book or use my best friend, Google

3. Helping around the house and/or with the kids, having REAL conversations will get you more of “the cookie” than simply saying “I’m horny”. Remember women are like ovens, we need time to warm up

4. Say it with me, “FOREPLAY”. Although we may not need it at ALL times, this is more often than not an important step NOT to skip

5. Sex IS a group activity, IF the act is ONLY pleasing you, abort mission, Houston, we have a problem

6. Pay attention to her body language. Moans do not, I repeat, do NOT tell you everything you need to know. Just so you know, we CAN fake those

7. Actually talking to a woman about what she likes/dislikes in bed does NOT mean your skills are lackluster, it simply means you are aiming to please

8. Just because “she” liked it that way does NOT mean the next girl will, revisit #7. You know what they say about assuming things right?

Ladies, let me know if you can think of anymore. Also, the title of this post was inspired by a song  Sex With A Monster (SWAM) by Antwone Perkins. You should definitely check him out!

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