• Shakina Cooley

Sex With A Pillow Princess?


1. Don’t just lay there like you’re dead, nobody wants to have sex with a corpse 2. Men don’t like ALWAYS being the ones who initiate sex 3. Giving head is an art, men will enjoy it a lot more if YOU actually enjoy doing it 4. Women get comfortable and stop doing what they used to do, too. Take the rag off for sex every now and then, throw on a thong from time to time. What you did to get him, you need to do to keep him 5. Just as men should ask women what they like/dislike, women you need to do the same for men. Say it with me “COMMUNICATION” 6. Confidence is sexy/key. If you have gotten to “the point of no return” then I can pretty much guaran-freaking-tee you his mind is NOT on how fat/skinny you are, your stretch marks, your rolls, your crooked teeth or anything other than getting “the cookie”. Fake it till you make it, honey 7. Ladies, if YOU do not know where YOUR clit is, pick up a mirror and look, check my best friend, Google, or a female anatomy book. You should DEFINITELY know YOUR OWN body 8. Sex should be fun, don’t be so uptight. Get out of your own head. Be open to trying new things.

Guys, if you can think of anything to add, let me know!

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