• Shakina Cooley

Things I Wish Men Would Stop Doing


I said I would do a list for men and I am a woman of my word. Here it is. Let me know if you have anything to add in the comments!

1. Stop getting in your feelings when a woman rejects your advances. “Aye, girl! You ‘sho is fine!” Is NOT a pick up line.

2. Stop talking about how big your d*ck is, how good you are in bed, all the wild things you can do before we get to see for ourselves. 9 times out of 10 of you’re talking about it, it ain’t worth talking about. Let your “work” speak for itself, Sweetie.

3. Stop sagging. If you are past the age of 21, wearing a belt is a standard NOT an option. Sagging is NOT cute.

4. Stop sending texts/messages that contain so many misspelled words and bad grammar, we get a headache just trying to decipher what it is you’re trying to say. If you are going to text/message someone use spellcheck please and thank you!

5. Stop thinking you’re “God’s gift to women” simply because you have a little money or a “good job”. Money isn’t everything.

6. Stop waiting until you break up with a girl and you’re mad to say how terrible she was in bed, how bad she smelled or whatever else. If she sucked in bed or smelled, YOU chose to have sex with her and let’s just be real, you’d most likely do it again if she’d let you.

7.  Stop letting your “friends” influence you to do things to break up your relationship, to hinder you from moving on to greater things, to influence you to do whatever it is that they are trying to get you to do in order to keep you on their level. Learn to think for/make decisions for yourself.

8. Stop expecting your girlfriend/wife to be your mom. Just as you expect her to bring certain things to the table, you need to be able to hold your own to.

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