• Shakina Cooley

Why Is It So Damn Hard To Take Your Own Advice???


I am excellent at giving advice. I am excellent at being encouraging. I love to help people and I’m generally a very upbeat and happy person HOWEVER, I find it difficult at times to simply take my own advice. SMH I’m being transparent here because I know somebody feels me. You can have all the advice in the world for others. Can inspire people near and far, but you lack that skill as it pertains to yourself. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you here, IT’S OKAY! Talking to you as well as myself. The limits we place on ourselves come from multiple sources. The failed attempts. The hurtful words from someone we loved and trusted. The being passed over for promotions or new opportunities. The unexpected betrayals of our trust. We think “well, the last time…” We start to compare ourselves to others and we never “measure up”. Here’s the thing though, if you really, truly believe in the people you encourage daily. If you believe the advice you give others is wise counsel, why then do you believe the same would not be true for you? What makes him/her “better”? Why would that idea work for them, but not you? Does God not love you the same? If you (we) could all just practice seeing ourselves the way we see others and God sees us, you (we) could walk in the authority that is so rightfully yours (ours)! Go study His word today. See what’s God says about YOU! Never come back to this place again!

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