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You Better Get It, Girl!

I’ve talked before about selfish lovers, those who are only “out to get theirs” and in most cases, it is the woman on the losing side. And a lot of times, the reason women are on the losing side is because they are afraid to speak up or are simply unaware of what it is they truly enjoy. We’ve been brought up to believe that more often than not, sex is about pleasing the man. It’s all about pleasing him. I mean, men ARE the more sexual beings right? The truth is a lot of women desire sex just as much as men, but because we’ve been brought up to believe that sex is for men and if we desire sex, there’s something “wrong” with us. We’ve been taught to be ashamed of our bodies and our sexuality. It’s time that we change that narrative. I am a huge advocate for women taking the time to explore and learn their bodies. I think it’s extremely important for a woman’s overall well-being. If you want a better sex life, if you want to stop being the one who is always getting the short end of the stick, learn to love your body, all of it. Explore it and find out what feels good and what doesn’t. What brings you to orgasm? What type of touch feels best to you? Are you more likely to be aroused in the morning or in the evening? What does your vagina even look like? Do you know? If you don’t, you need to get started with finding out the answers to these questions. It’ll benefit you more than you know. If you aren’t sure where to start on getting comfortable with and learning to love your body, here are a few things you might consider trying

Use a mirror to look at your vagina

Find a diagram of a vagina and work on learning the parts

-Go naked more often

Stand naked in front of a mirror

-Practice masturbating

-Touch yourself in non-sexual ways more often

Read books about connecting with your body, I suggest Pussy Prayers by Black Girl Bliss and Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski to start

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