Shakina helped me through a very difficult break up from my significant other. She assured me that I would not come out of the relationship broken, but better and have a renewed sense of what to look out for before getting into another relationship. She provided guidance and support in showing me how to heal emotionally and mentally in order to move forward with my life. Love and relationships are Shakina's specialty and I would definitely recommend others to work with her.

Liz L.

Before working with Shakina, I felt stuck and stagnant, like I had a lack of direction. I initially decided to book my call because I saw Shakina's profile and read her bio, as a result I felt a connection with her. I had an awesome experience working with Shakina! For one, she's a great listener and she helped me to not be so hard on myself. She also helped me to see that I am able to celebrate my accomplishments. She helped me to recognize some of the changes and strides I was able to achieve when I ordinarily wouldn't do so. I experienced many "ah-ha moments" while going through the coaching program, in particular, Shakina helped me realize that I can move forward and not feel sorry for myself. She helped me to see that I can take the world by storm and not give up no matter what. Realistically speaking, I will have days that will make me feel as if I didn't work as hard or I may not want to push through but just hearing her say get back up and try again, never give up kept me going. I absolutely would recommend working with Shakina because she rocks!

Theresa W.